Center Shot Archery - Family Owned and Operated for Over 28 Years

The Area's Most Experienced Archery Store

The Sarasota-Bradenton area is home to Center Shot Archery, a family owned and operated store that prides itself on years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the sport and the equipment sold. They stock a full line of equipment and accessories from all the major brands. Once you make your choice of bow they are happy to make any adjustments necessary, at no additional charge, to ensure your equipment is fully set up to meet your individual needs.

After everything is set up adjusted, they even throw in a free lesson. That is the level of attention and value customers have come to expect form Center Shot. You see, unlike the big box stores, you are dealing with family. It is not about the sale, but about the experience. Come in and check out the inventory. If you don’t see it, they will order it for you. Not sure what you need? Ask a few questions and they will be glad to give you real answers.

They not only carry a full line of archery equipment for target, fishing and hunting but also hunting supplies, new and used guns, ammo and more accessories than can be listed. It is a small shop with a large inventory and an even larger appreciation for the sport.




Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, at Center Shot Archery you will find all you need to pursue your passion for the sport of archery.

Archery is a family sport and you will find bows of all sizes and styles to accommodate the entire family. Target enthusiasts, hunters and bow fishermen all turn to Center Shot Archery for their equipment and equipment repairs.

From top of the line bows to economy starter bows, arrows and targets for every situation, scents, calls and night vision, they have it all.


What We Do


All major brands of bows in an assortment of price ranges. A large stock of arrows, targets and accessories for hunting, fishing and competition.


Service all makes and models including warranty work on most brands. Restringing of compound and re-curve, limb replacement and more.

Set-up & Tune

Proper set-up and tuning of your bow is essential, not only for accuracy and but also for safety. This is where expert experience makes a difference.

Target & Hunting

Whether you choose archery or guns there are targets of all types to keep you top of your game in the field or in competition . Hunters can find decoys, feeders and tree stands along with calls, scents and other accessories.

New & Used

Come and check out our gun selection or order a gun online and pick it up in the store. From hunting rifles and shotguns to handguns for target or self-protection, there is always a selection of new and used guns.

So Many

Hundreds of items line the shelves for every type of game hunt or competition in archery and shooting. Bow releases, cases, holsters, arrow points, ammo, carbon arrows and everything else you could need.

"Visited Center Shot Archery to purchase my first bow. Dale worked with me for two hours meticulously setting up my new bow and helping me take my first shots. Very friendly staff and the prices were great. I will be coming back!"
Derek Thomas